Nailsea Environment and Wildlife Trust

Moorend Spout nature reserve is located off Pound Lane to the north of Nailsea. It is well known for its natural beauty, provided by the Alder carr, and with the additional attraction of a constantly flowing waterfall. This is a particularly valuable wildlife habitat: low lying and water logged, which is traversed by a well-used public foot path.


The site is owned and managed by Nailsea Environment and Wildlife Trust (NEWT) and was acquired in December 2009.

The reserve is 6 acres in size and comprises a mixture of bramble and sedge, at the western end, a wet woodland in the centre and a meadow in the east. Two ponds have been installed by NEWT in the meadow, and the field has formed part of the Prince of Wales' Coronation Meadows scheme, having received hay from the local Netcott's Meadow with the aim of spreading wildflowers into our site. Additionally, a range of plug plants have been planted by Avon Wildlife Trust as part of the project.

Regular workdays are held on the first Saturday in each month, where a keen band of volunteers undertake a range of management tasks, which vary by time of year but include clearance of sedge and bramble, removal of blanketweed and other invasive plants from the ponds, and planting of trees and other native plants.

We welcome all supporters who are interested in and want to assist in the work that we are doing to restore the wildlife potential and biodiversity of the land at Moorend Spout. Without the support of our volunteers who turn up on the workdays in all weathers as well as those who assist in a range of ways but prefer not to take an active role in the reserve, it would be impossible to carry on this work. Thank you to everyone who supports NEWT..